Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Euro An Australian View

An interesting View from the other side of the world.

I found this quite funny.

Maybe the French and the Germans need to view themselves as others see them.

The article is written by Elizabeth Knight, printed in the, "The Sydney Morning  Herald" business day on Monday the 12th 2011.

Please note I have edited and shortened from the original article.

Euro zone Parents get tough as family quarrel heats up

In the parlance of parenthood, the latest master plan to save Europe from economic annihilation is about the German and French parents imposing boundaries on the poorly behaved smaller children in the European union.
They set out their parental plan in Brussels at the weekend; a strict set of fiscal parameters all need to abide by.
In theory its sounds fine. The Kids cant't spend more then there allocated "Pocket Money" and there are penalties for non-compliance.
But re-educating headstrong, profligate European Nations that  have long done whatever they want might have all manner of problems.
"Kids don't always abide by the rules"
The southern Europeans have no experience of living within their mean-that's why they are in their financial mess.
For Australia this is not the kind of family relationship that augurs well for anyone's future.


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